Mantra and Sound

Om Ram Ramaya Swaha (ohm rahma rah-my-yah, swah-ha)

“Rama has a two-fold meaning in Sanskrit. First, it is the seed sound for the manipura, or solar plexus chakra. Tremendous healing energy lies dormant at that chakra. Mantra can help you get at the energy. This mantra begins to awaken and activate the entire chakra. It specifically prepares the chakra to be ale to handle the inflow of kundalini energy that gives the chakra power.
The second application involves dividing Rama into the syllables Ra and Ma. Ra is associated with the solar current that runs down the right side of our bodies. Ma is associated with the lunar current that runs down the left side of our bodies. Although these tow currents crisscross and meet at the chakras, they are generally associated with the right and left sides of the body. By repeating Rama…Rama…Rama over and over again, you being balancing the two currents and their activity so that they can work with the higher stages of energy that will eventually come up the spine. This simple mantra, Rama, qualifies as a healing mantra in its own right.” (from Healing Mantras by Thomas Ashely-Farrand)

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